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Loose Dentures Charlotte, NC

Loose dentures have become a very common problem for denture wearers in Charlotte, NC. Loose dentures are uncomfortable and have you feeling insecure about your smile. Removable dentures are the most common tooth replacement methods that men and women undergo in Charlotte. Dentures provide patients with the ability to speak clearly and chew food with ease in Charlotte North Carolina. Over time, removable dentures can become loose and ill fitting—making it difficult for wearers to chew and speak properly. If loose dentures are a problem for you, see how you can remedy it.

Fixed Dentures

Whether you have partial or full dentures, if they are removable, chances are they have loosened over time. One way to remedy loose dentures is to get fixed dentures. Fixed dentures are a great option for current denture wearers because the procedure simply takes your current dentures and attaches them to dental implants, creating fixed stability.

Denture Attachments

If your removable dentures have loosened over time, yet you are hesitant to forfeit the ability to remove them whenever you’d like, denture attachments may be just what you need. Denture attachments provide patients with the stable support of fixed dentures as well as the ease of removal that removable dentures provide.

The denture attachment treatment is very similar to the fixed denture treatment, with one small difference. Metal attachments complete with O-rings are fastened to your removable dentures. It is these attachments that allow the dentures to snap on and off of the dental implants with ease. With denture attachments, you’ll never have to worry about loose dentures again!

No matter which treatment method you choose, know that loose dentures can become a thing of the past. If you are sick and tired of dealing with ill-fitting dentures, speak with a denture dentist in your area today.